Dear Hemp for Hounds,
My dogs love your treats. I am so happy to have a treat company I can trust that the ingredients are safe and healthy. My dog's personal favorite is the pumpkin! Hemp is a wonderful company and destined to great futures. Good luck at the Denver dog show!  ~ Sasha
My friend has an adorable ʺCha-wienerʺ dog. Lately, I have been bringing her Hemp for Hounds dog treats and she loves them. I barely get in the front door and there she is... with that ʺlookʺ in her eyes. Of course I treat her, and from there, she tears it up and starts playing with me. What I noticed with her other treats is that she would take it and hide it (until she was desperate I guess)... Not so with the Hemp for Hounds dog treats... she downs them right on the spot. Keep up the good work! - Bonnie

I have two Austrian Cattle dogs, and let me tell you - they love to run and they love to eat! I am so sick and tired of buying them dog treats and then finding out I have to throw them out because of some "Health Scare." I am a broke teacher and can't afford this! I found Hemp for Hounds through a friend and my dogs are crazy for them! It is so nice knowing that they are locally made and the ingredients can be tracked to the US - not China. They make my dogs happy, which in turn makes me happy! ~ Stephanie


It is Thanksgiving and while I am taking down a turkey I wanted something a little less greasy for my puppy - The Shag Man. I remembered that a friend of mine gave me a bag of dog treats from Hemp for Hounds. He loved the treats so much and now can't wait until I open his treat canister! He seriously loves them! Thank you so much for sharing these with our four legged friends! ~ Shane



My dog Hollar is absolutely nuts over "Hemo for Hounds" Dog Treats. I keep them in the cupboard near his box of toys and if I forget his "treat time" after dinner, he is quick to let me know by opening the cupboard for my convenience. he gets bored with many other treats and I have wastes a small fortune trying to find something as natural and healthy for my dog as Hemp for Hounds. The product quality is so good that I am actually tempted to give them a taste; but I already know they taste wonderful; Hollar's happiness is all of the proof needed! ~ Thank you so much, Michael


"I have two Malteese, one is a puppy mill rescue with a lot of problems. I've been giving him Hemp for Hounds Treats for some time and I've noticed that it helped his coat and his nerves. I recommend this to animal lovers everywhere." ~ Thank you Hemp for Hounds, Sharon


I have 4 dogs that love treats, but one in particular is very picky, that would be Lilly, my little Papillion. No matter what I try to give her she sticks up her nose and walks away and I have to break it into pieces and take to the bed and then she will eat it. When I got Hemp for Hounds dog treats, she loves them. With no hesitation she grabs hers and runs away and comes back for more. ~Terri Jordan, Jordan Farms


My dog Zoe has been on Thyroid medicine fir a couple of months now. She gets tired and sore after her walks and seems wiped out; these treats give her the little burst of energy to get her through the rest of the day! ~ Valerie